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First DM Scottish Fold in Hong Kong 香港首隻蘇格蘭摺耳貓DM BARRA

2016 July 1
by admin

First Distinguished Merit! Barra is the 1st Scottish Fold DM in Hong Kong!

香港首隻蘇格蘭摺耳貓DM, 繁殖了五只取得超級冠軍貓頭銜的優秀雌貓 BARRA!

GC Valafold Barrabanshee of Dragonhill, DM

Grand Offspring (5 Grand Champions):

GC DW Dragonhill White Owl

GC GP Dragonhill Doraemon of Ezykats

GC Dragonhill Beautifold Susie

GC DW Dragonhill Phantom Panda

GC Dragonhill Yin & Yang


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